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Dec 5, 2013 6:00am PST
for the next 10 days, go to 1972, i was here but not here. napa is 26 and they have blown passed that, san fran, we have side a record close although there are readings that are colder this that 21, mill valley 27, san bruno 29, some locationels are still holding around the 30s and there are plenty of 20s or teens. san jose 30s, 19 at the napa airport, 23 novato and it takes us to 9:00 and it will come back in tomorrow. there is only a little breeze and that's the only thing holding up the temperatures and 14 degrees in lake county. upper 40s and it will not be that warm today, 46, fairfield 48, vacaville 48, upper 40s, antioch brentwood livermore, 50s closer to the bay, 52 alameda, 52 santa cruz, morgan hill, loss got a -- lot got toss, we will take it back to dry, sunny but cold. >>> if you want to look at the ad, you are out of luck during the super bowl. they already bought the entire inventory and the super bowl's commerce and the game is being played in new york. >> they are offering 1 thousands of them for the holiday system and last year they made with $450, only on the luxury website
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am PST
degrees. 28 in concord. 22 napa. mid 20s in novato. 23 santa rosa. around the bay upper 30s reported in mountain view, san francisco. freezing at half-moon bay. partly cloudy skies along the coastline. sign of changes coming our way. upper 20s walnut creek. 30 degrees outside your door in livermore. for us we were a tad warmer. last time around we went to the peninsula. this time we are going north. 29 degrees outside of your door in petaluma. 24 sebastopol. so again we are going to be this cold at least for the next hour. takes until about 8:00 before our temperatures budge a bit. we will still be really, really cool throughout the morning hours. this system here off the coast of washington going to bring changes to us as early as tonight. starting off with the freeze. increasing clouds coming our way. afternoon highs will be a lot like where we have been yesterday. but then by tonight rain begins to move in. it looks like scattered showers perhaps in time for the evening drive home. the heaviest rain will fall in late tonight into the overnight hours. snow levels are going to be dr
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am PST
does look warm. 21 napa, 21 santa rosa, and everyone is really close here. that is impressive. we do have a little him the at 7 miles per hour, there has been a slight offshore breeze and 10 below, there is some brutally cold temperatures up in the lake counties as well and that cold snap and freeze warning is lingering and things should start to improve. in turn it allow is the lows to come up a little bit. unfortunately we can definitely use it and that's not happening. cold morning, sunny, highs today, upper 40s for many, low 50s and warmer temperatures will be affected by vallejo, antioch, upper 40s and 52 in alameda and berkeley. 51 san jose, 49 morgan hill, menlo park, very low 50s including 52 in san francisco. if you think it is cold hear, it is brutally cold in lake tahoe and the he can tended outlook, maybe some extended highs saturday and sunday. >>> many believe the federal reserve will end the reserve program and they will announce it during the third quarter and 30% expect it to happen during the second quarter and they are buying bonds to help keep interest rates low.
Dec 3, 2013 6:00am PST
had gusts of 35. napa airport 30, concord 24 but cloud cover and definitely the wind holding temperatures up. everybody here's in the 50s. now high temperatures today are going to be very brutal because some of these may be set before noon today. and therein lies the problem with a lot of this. you may by noon get your temperature and then by 4 or 5:00 that temperature will drop about 5, 10 degrees here. our system is moving in, a lot of cloud cover. we've had a little bit of rain but mostly looks to be dissipating. there's not a lot let. some also towards some of ther elevations out to the east and a couple little showers around san jose. overall look for a windy day, cloudy in the morning, and then turning colder in the night as that cold air begins to work its way in. highs in the 50s. here's sal. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is affected by a very small grass fire. 580 westbound near coolidge. it was mostly smoke, some flames, a couple of engine companies there. could be a little slow but no major slowdowns on 580 yet as you head from high street to lake
Dec 4, 2013 6:00am PST
kicked in for napa. san jose is 36. that is pretty good for downtown. freeze warning out for the north bay. a lot of 20s. everybody tonight joins in on the freeze warning. we do have clear skies it will be sunny today and nice. reenforcement of this cold air is coming down late friday into saturday. which will give us very low snow levels. we will tackle that on friday. cold morning sunny today. 20s inland. a little breeze at times. especially out to the east bay. upper 40s to low 50s on these temps. it will be a cool day. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. weight now we are looking -- right now we are looking at a commute that is getting a little bit more crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are getting a little bit of a backup. that is still less than five minutes. also this morning we are looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge and that looks pretty good. we've been somewhat quiet which is nice but you know that could change rather quickly. we are watching it for you at all times. right now the traffic does look good into south bay. there is already slowing on northbou
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5